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We need to build a platform that is smart, fast and safe.

We need to ensure we are making the most of emerging technology and data sets - help us excel and lead in this space. 


Where you are



What You’ll Do

  • Work closely with the technical architect and product development team to identify areas where automation can drive smarter, faster processes.

  • Help identify sources of data and oracles that can be incorporated to accurately validate ownership of land. 

  • Ensure that the AI being developed is ethical and has best in class safety mechanisms built in. 

  • Follow the latest global developments in the realms of privacy and user security - ensure that the product team is proactive and forward thinking.

  • Work with community managers to identify areas of opportunity to use AI in marketing the project. 

Who You are

  • You see technology as an enabler of change and a tool in the fight to secure the future of the planet. 

  • You want to create something of your own. Get in at ground zero and build upward.

  • You are looking to work on a project with purpose - it is about more than just money. 

  • You are scrappy and resourceful, the 'I don't know but I'll figure it out' type.  

  • You are a bit of a geek and love experimenting with new things.

  • You have a global mindset and understand the benefits of diversity. You have the patience to overcome cultural differences and like being challenged by different perspectives.

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